This resource page is specifically designed to provide information about the Wisconsin Works (W-2), FoodShare, and BadgerCare programs for workers in Wisconsin.

FoodShare and BadgerCare are entitlement programs designed as supports for all eligible families. The W-2 program is rewarding and challenging program for workers. The ultimate goal of W-2 is to assist families in gaining and sustaining employment that will lead to financial independence. The path is different for each participant.

Our role is to help agencies improve their service delivery systems and increase their knowledge and skill sets in order to improve the rate of success for families they serve. We are able to come on-site to help agencies with a variety of services including consulting, training, and quality control audits.

Below are a number of online resources for agencies and workers.


Income Limits February 2023 (updated MA, CC, W2) - new 02/20/2023

2023 W2 Payment Calculator - new 1/9/23

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