Case Management takes a lot of effort and patience. It also takes a lot of resources to assist customers in moving forward with their goals. We provide a variety of resources for case managers to use with their customers. The page is divided into sections for easy navigation by subject area.

Please note that most of these resources are external links not affiliated to CW Solutions. Resource links can and do change as web sites are modified. If you discover a bad link, please let us know and we will correct it as soon as possible. This page is meant to be a resource for everyone, so if you know of some good resources not on this page, tell us about it and we will be happy to add it to our page.

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Employment Search Resources

Employment Search is a main component of most case management programs. We assembled a variety of resources case mangers can use when developing a job search plan.

The following are some useful tools to assist customers with completing applications, assembling references, and other activities related to seeking employment:

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Completing Job Applications PP Show

Decoding a Help Wanted Ad

Employment Search Plan worksheet

Job Skills Worksheet

Making an Effective Follow-up Contact

References Reminders

The following links are helpful in a job search effort:

Career Builder

Federal Jobs (consolidated job search engine)

Job Search and Job Match (National Business Services Alliance)

Job Center - Wisconsin Jobs

Labor Market Research - Wage Data (DOL)

Monster Career Advice/Resources

Occupational Outlook Handbook



Worknet - Wisconsin labor market, career exploration




Education Resources

Finding basic education opportunities can be difficult in many areas around the country. Even in urban areas, some customers can have difficulty accessing on-site locations. Below are some internet-based resources that can help customers increase their basic education skills and prepare to take the GED.

Adult Basic Ed - PBS Literacy Link

Adult Basic Ed - TV 411 - Adult Basic Skills & Mini Job Skills

Adult Basic Ed - TV 411 - Adult Basic Skills & Mini Job Skills - En Espanol NEW

Free - tons of resources via US Governments

Edits - for ordering COPES/CAPS/COPS and other assessment tests

GED Prep and Tests

GCF - Outstanding FREE basic Ed and Computer training



Disability Resources

Disability Advocacy is a vital part of many Employment & Training programs, as well as for Human Service programs. CW Solutions consultants have extensive experience successfully advocating for applicants in the disability application process.

The following are valuable resource links for case managers who are working with people who are struggling with disabilities.

Department of Labor Disability Programs

Disability Resource Site

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

JAN Fact Sheets

JAN Searchable Database (SOAR)

National Institute of Mental Health - Publications

Social Security Administration - Disability Information

SSA Blue Book

SSA Red Book (Guide to Employment Supports)

Mortgage Information Web site for People with Disabilities

The following functional capacity assessment forms may be helpful when requesting specific medical information. These forms were originally presented by DWS, BPS Training courtesy of Legal Action of Wisconsin.

Cardiac Impairment

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Lumbrosacral Spine Impairment

Medical Assessment

Mental Abilities

Mental Functional Limitations

Mental Impairment

Physical Residual Functional Capacity - DSM-IV Descriptions for Mental Disorders



Federal Program Links

The following are the most commonly used Federal Program links:

Vital Records - National

HUD - Housing

Social Security Administration

SSA - Local Office Links

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS)

US Department of Health and Human Services

US Department of Labor