Relevant -Targeted - Informative

CW Solutions has earned a reputation for providing high-energy training for social service and employment/training agencies. We believe that training must be relevant - nothing is more frustrating to staff than sitting through a session that does not in some way improve their ability to succeed at work.

Our goal is to increase your employees' practical skills and knowledge so they can do their jobs better. We don't use the type of pre-packaged curriculum that is common with many training providers. We believe that curriculum needs to be specific and relevant to your particular organization and program.

But, don't take our word for it, read some actual comments written on evaluations from some of our past training sessions.

  • "I loved the training, it really made me think about what I need to do with the customers I serve."
  • "I enjoyed the day very much. Had a BLAST with the "County" Family Feud. Thanks for making us all laugh!"
  • "I actually did learn a few things. AWESOME!"
  • "The entire day was great, I like to laugh and it was great laughing about our work and co-workers."

The following is a summary of our most popular training courses.

Case Management to Employment - the goal of every employment program is to attach customers to the workforce and help them sustain employment. This course provides specific strategies to achieve employment outcomes.

Conducting Effective Assessments - Participants learn about specific informal and formal assessment tools and how to effectively use those results to develop targeted action plans.

Disability Advocacy - This course provides a detailed map of the SSI/SSDI application process. Participants see how to navigate through the appeal process and learn methods to document concrete disability factors.

Effective Case Consulting (Staffing) Techniques -Outcome-based case management often requires a staffing meeting be held between the customer and the various providers working with the customer. Participants in this training learn about the core principles for effective staffing and practice specific skills necessary for outcome-based results.

Engagement Strategies for Customers with Severe Barriers - The reality in most case management programs is that many customers are facing severe barriers to employment. This course provides innovative, real-world activity engagement options to lead the customers to program success.

Ethics & Boundaries for Case Managers - The primary goal of this training is to clarify appropriate ethical guidelines that form boundaries between a case manager and his/her customers. By the end of the session, a worker will be able to better manage the appropriate boundaries between her/himself and customers, co-workers, and the employer.

Goal Development & Implementation - An undeveloped, unwritten goal is just a dream. By the end of this course, workers will have developed or fine-tuned their facilitation skills for developing and managing customer goals.

Principles of Case Management - Core concepts of case management are covered in this training using Family Systems theory. Case management practices of empowerment, assessment, and basic goal development are introduced in this course.

Quality Case Documentation - Case management is only as effective as the documentation shows. The mont ra"don't just know it - show it" is the basis for this course. Workers will learn the core components of case documentation and practice specific writing techniques for case comments.