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Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

CW Solutions is contracted to provide Comprehensive Community Services (CCS); CCS Service Providers offer a person-centered system of care, as described in the customer’s Individual Recovery Plan, developed by the CCS Facilitator. The CW Solutions CCS Service Provider then executes a portion of the plan, based upon the directive by the CCS Facilitator. The worker may work with a wide range of individuals including youth and adults. To be effective, the service provider will work individuals in their homes and communities. The worker is responsible for mentorship, technique-building and family systems case management, working collaboratively with the CCS wrap-around team to assist individuals in developing skills to successfully manage their mental health and/or AODA condition while engaging with their family, school, employment and social life.

CW Solutions specializes in supporting youth, adults and families in working towards their goals related to mental health through Individual and Family Psychoeducation and Individual Skill Development services. We focus on supporting individuals with emotional regulation, coping skills and utilize interventions from across our programing.

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