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CW Solutions is honored to be an active service provider in Wisconsin. We utilize a family-systems, strength-based model in all of our programming. We are also a Trauma-Informed agency that practices trauma-informed care throughout our organization.

CW Solutions currently operates the following programs.


 The Adolescent Diversion Project (ADP)

The Adolescent Diversion Project (ADP) is our newest program, operated in partnership with Wood County Human Services Department with services begining in July 2020. The program serves youth ages 12 - 17 who are at risk, or already involved with youth justice. In this 18-week program, case managers help youth work on a behavior plan, connect to local community resources and build positive life skills.  Our primary goal for ADP is to decrease the number of youth who enter the court system by providing direct prevention and wrap-around services and increased collaboration with our local schools and law enforcement, pairing at-risk youth with a youth case manager and increasing access to needed services such as mental health and AODA.


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 The LEO Program through the Brighter Futures Initiative (BFI)

Location: Wood County

In partnership with Wood County Human Services Department, we operate the BFI Substance Use Prevention program in Wood County. Research has shown that there is a reduced risk of substance use in youth who have well developed resiliency skills. Our program is based upon the Life Ecology Organization's work. Our 8-session program, Learn and Empower Oneself (LEO) empowers youth with practical tools to understand their brains and quickly improve resilience, adaptability, and fearlessness in a rapidly changing, stressful world.

All youth age 14 - 20 who live or attend school in Wood County are eligible to engage in these services.To learn more about our program, visit our LEO page. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out when the next LEO session is starting near you!

You can learn more about BFI programming at the Department of Children and Family's website.

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Children First Program

Locations: Oneida, Portage and Wood counties

Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) who have a support order but are not able to make their monthly support payment(s) can receive assistance through the Children First program. The goal of Children First is to help connect NCPs to the labor market so they have the financial resources to meet their support obligations.

We have provided CF services in Wood County since 2017, Portage County since 2018 and Oneida County since 2019. You can learn more about our program at our Children First website page.

ELEVATE Blue Mountain


Location: Wood County

Wood County Child Support, in partnership with CW Solutions, is one of five counties in Wisconsin to operate a new  five-year demonstration project to provide a new and innovate approach to services for Non-Custodial parents with a support order. ELEVATE provides intensive case management services, employment & training, parenting, mediation and related services. The goal of the program is to help NCPs become finanically stable, increase support payments and have a stronger relationshp with their children. In addition, through this new approach, to build a partnership relationship between Child Support, the NCP and Custodial Parents. The program began on January 1, 2020.

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Family Preservation Therapy

Location: Wood County

Family Preservation Therapy is in-home counseling to children and their families who are currently receiving services with Human Services (such as youth justice or family services). Wood County Human Services Department has contracted with CW Solutions begining in 2020 to provide these services. The therapists work within the Family Services division in coordiation with social workers to provide support to families in need. 

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FoodShare Employment & Training (FSET) Program, Region 6

Locations: The NorthCentral Workforce Development Area (Adams, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Portage, Vilas, Wood counties)

In partnership with Wood County Human Services Department, CW Solutions has been humbled to provide FSET services for the nine-county NorthCentral Region (Region 6) since 2015. FSET is a free program for FoodShare (aka SNAP) recipients who are age 16 or older. FSET provides assessment, job skills training, soft-skills, job readiness preparation and education opportunities to help program participants gain and retain employment. Wood County and CW Solutions have 10 office locations plus several outreach sites to provide services throughout the region. Please visit our FSET page or our sister website for more information about our program and services. 

Prior to our partnership to provide services for the NorthCentral Region, CW Solutions was the provider for FSET in Adams County from 2013 - 2015 and provided short-term support for FSET programs around the state from 2004 - 2015.

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NorthCentral Independent Living Program, a Transitional Resource Agency, Region 1

Locations: The NorthCentral Workforce Development Area (Adams, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Portage, Vilas, Wood counties)

CW Solutions has partnered with Wood County Human Services Department since 2017 to provide Independent Living services to youth who have aged out of court-ordered, out-of-home care without being reunified with their parent(s) or guardian. Services include intensive case management, basic living skills (such as money management, rent-smart, and other life skills), education services and attachment to the labor force. Program services are youth-centered to ensure youth have a voice in their services and learn how to tell their story and shape their future.

Youth can receive services until they turn 21 (or until 23 if they are enrolled in a post-secondary education program).  To learn more about our program, download our brochure.


Location: City Tower Plaza, Marshfield

The PEC opened on 09/14/2020 to provide a safe, fun and trauma-informed site for parents to engage witih parenting support and classes as well as provide a comforting place for parents to visit their children. The center was opened through a partnership with Wood County Child Support via an Access & Visitation Grant through the Department of Children and Families. Wood County and CW Solutions staff can reserve the center for parent-related activiteis.

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Youth Innovation Grant : 4-SIGHT Program

Location: Wood County

The Youth Innovation Grant is provided by the Department of Children and Families to county agencies to try new methods of service delivery to youth and families who are involved with youth justice or at risk of involvment. Wood County Human Services Department, in partnership with CW Solutions, was awarded a grant in 2019. We have a full-time Intensive Youth Justice Social Worker who specializes in Behavior Analysis and works with youth and their family in-home and in-community to facilitate long-term, sustainable behavior changes. The goal of the program is to reduce the need for placement in group homes, residential treatment and in corrections facilities.