Job Opening: 4SIGHT Social Worker (1 opening)

Posted: Updated 1/28/23


Are you passionate about working with youth and families? Do you wish you had more time to dedicate to a specific youth or family? If you said yes to both, then this opportunity may be a great fit for you! We have been operating an innovative program called 4SIGHT since October 2019 that collaborates with county social workers and other professionals in wrap-around program to serve youth who are either at risk of out-of-home placement or are trying to step down from care and successfully be reunified with their family.  Our 4SIGHT workers serve only 2 - 3 youth and families at any given time, allowing for more comprehensive service intervention.

As a result of an additional program award, CW Solutions, in partnership with Wood County Human Services Department, is expanding our program and hiring an additional social worker positions to serve youth and their families (we have already filled one of two new positions). This positions are part of a broader wrap-around team. The role of the 4SIGHT workers is to, in collaboration with the county-assigned social worker, complete a comprehensive behavior assessment, identifying the environmental and personal triggers impacting a youth's behavior. A behavior plan is developed with the youth and family that address the environmental areas of the youth, family, friends, and community (such as school). 4SIGHT workers then work with the youth, family and others who are directly connected with the youth on developing specific skills for communication, self-awareness and awareness of others, alternative responses, and emotional regulation. 

The program expansion will also focus on:

  • Provide support to Level 2 Foster Home providers to gain the knowledge and skill set to succeed as a Level 3 provider through both classroom training and on-site intensive coaching and support.
  • Expanded caregiver training and support to apply behavior response and change techniques specific to their youth, based upon the behavior assessment conducted by a 4SIGHT social worker.
  • Provide in-home post-permanency support for up to 12 months to ensure newly learned skills and behavior responses become habits and help guide families in how to apply them to new challenges that always arise in family life.
Please review the job description 4SIGHT_Social_Worker.pdf for a full explanation of the job functions.

Minimum Requirements:


Required - Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or directly related field. Preferred: Master’s degree. Training in behavior analysis is a plus.



Desired - Possession of, or eligibility for, Social Work Certification in accordance with Wisconsin Chapter 457.08.


A minimum of one (1) year of experience in the family services, child welfare or youth justice field.

Essential Skills
  1. Must have a servant heart with an internal motivation to serve others.
  2. Sustain a non-judgmental, empowering approach to all individuals, including providing continuous opportunities for engagement and re-engagement.
  3. Ability to work positively when individuals express reactive behaviors and actions.
  4. Apply trauma-informed care, inclusion and allyship in all aspects of programming.
  5. Strong vision of hope and positive expectation and outlook when engaging all parties involved.
  6. Application of core social work practice and principals.
  7. Analyze behavior and causes of behavior responses (able to be trained on-the-job).
  8. Development of behavior plans including a process of sanctions and rewards (able to be trained on-the-job).
  9. Excellent conflict resolution and/or mediation skills.
  10. Application of motivational interviewing, family systems, plan development and positive accountability (able to be trained on-the-job).
  11. Ability to work independently with strong sense of focus, task-oriented, nonjudgmental, open personal qualities, and a clear sense of boundaries.
  12. Ability to work in a variety of settings with culturally diverse families and communities with the ability to be culturally sensitive and appropriate, supporting participants within the context of their identity, family, community, tribe, history, culture and traditions.
  13. A strong sense of and respect for confidentiality involving both participants and fellow employees.
  14. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Transportation (Required)

Must have a valid driver’s license, hold current vehicle insurance and have access to reliable transportation to travel to various locations to serve program participants in the community. Mileage reimbursement is provided for all business-related travel outside of the assigned office. 

Job Description4SIGHT_Social_Worker.pdf

Location: The position will be working in the community with program participants and community partners throughout Wood County. The primary office location is in Wisconsin Rapids.

Onsite/Remote Work Options: This position will have some flexibility with limited remote work within a specific work week, but the position cannot be remote full-time.

Hours: This position is hourly, 40 hours per week. The work schedule is flexible, based upon the needs of the program but will primarily be Monday – Friday, with a flex schedule that will include late afternoons and early evenings to meet family needs.

Employment Status: Full-time (40 hours per week)

Starting Wage: $27.51 - $29.09

How to Apply:

Applicants must complete our application (click link) and include an uploaded resume and cover letter.