"Human Services is an action verb, not a building"

Since our inception in November 2003, CW Solutions has been working to facilitate positive change within the social service and employment/training fields.

CW Solutions began as a small training and consulting firm providing a variety of services including W-2 and FSET training, Income Maintenance training, quality control audits and subcontracted services to operate the W-2 and FSET program.

In 2013, CW Solutions joined long-time partner Wood County to submit a proposal to operate the new Northcentral FSET region. DHS awarded us the contract and Wood County/CW Solutions began service operation on April 1, 2015. As Wood County's partner, CW Solutions manages the program and provides direct services in Marathon, Langlade, Lincoln, Oneida, Forest and Vilas counties.

In 2017, CW Solutions expanded services with Wood County to operate the Regional Transition Agency for the Independent Living program in the same nine-county region. The Independent Living program provides services to emerging adults who have aged out of court-ordered care.

In addition, CW Solutions is the sub-contracted provider for the Children First program in Wood County.  Children First is an employment and training  program designed to serve non-custodial parents who have a court-ordered support obligation.

CW Solutions also continues to provide training and consulting services to social service and employment/training providers.