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"Human Services is an action verb, not a building"

Since our inception in November 2003, CW Solutions has been working to facilitate positive change within the human service field in Wisconsin. Our mission statement is a single word: Opportunity.  We want to provide opportunities to individuals, families, communities and to our own staff. Opportunities to grow, to find their own path and to utilize the supports and services available to them to achieve their own goals. We have developed a company culture that is driven by a servant heart with the understanding we are public servants and must be a servant in all of our programming.

CW Solutions began as a small training and consulting firm providing a variety of services including W-2 (Wisconsin Works/TANF) and FSET training, Income Maintenance training, quality control audits and subcontracted services to operate the W-2 and FSET program. CW Solutions operated with two to three staff until 2015.

In 2014, CW Solutions joined long-time partner Wood County Human Services Department to submit a proposal to operate the new NorthCentral FSET region. The FoodShare Employment & Training program is a free program designed to help FoodShare recipients age 16 and older find and keep employment. DHS awarded us the contract and Wood County/CW Solutions began service operation on April 1, 2015. As Wood County's partner, CW Solutions manages the program and works in partnership with Wood County to provide services in the nine-county region.

In 2017, CW Solutions expanded services with Wood County to operate the Regional Transition Agency for the Independent Living program in the same nine-county region. The Independent Living program provides services to emerging adults who have aged out of court-ordered care. In that same year, CW Solutions began providing case management service for the Children First program in Wood County.

In 2018, CW Solutions expanded Children First services to Portage County and in 2019, to Oneida County. Children First is an employment and training  program designed to serve non-custodial parents who have a court-ordered support obligation.

The year 2019 was a big year for expansion. In addition to expanding Children First to Oneida County, we started three new programs. At the start of 2019, we began providing services through the Brighter Futures Initiative in Wood County (as a partner with Wood County Human Services). Our LEO program is an 8-session course to youth age 14 - 20 using the Life Ecology Organization (LEO) material on brain science to develop resiliency with youth.

In addition, Wood County Human Service Department in conjunction with CW Solutions, was awarded a Youth Innovation Grant for youth justice programming and began services in October 2019. We hired a certified Behavior Analysis as an Intensive Youth Justice Social Worker to provide a comprehensive, scientific analysis of a youth and their family in order to provide recommendations for long-term behavior changes. The goal of the program is to reduce the need for out-of-home placement.

Wood County Child Support and CW Solutions were awarded as one of five demonstration counties to operate a new five-year project to assist Non-Custodial Parents who have a support order. We began start-up activities in 2019 and the program was fully operational on 1/2/2020.

Our newest service starting in 2020 is providing Family Preservation Therapy for families who are receiving services with Wood County Human Services Department's Family Services division.

CW Solutions has evolved and grown considerably since our small beginnings in November 2003. Growth has always been organic, in response to the needs of the citizens in the communities we serve. We have nearly 30 staff, all who are committed to the mission of providing opportunity to those we serve.