"Human Services is an action verb, not a building"

Since our inception in November 2003, CW Solutions has been working to facilitate positive change within the human service field in Wisconsin. Our mission statement is a single word: Opportunity.  We want to provide opportunities to individuals, families, communities and to our own staff. Opportunities to grow, to find their own path and to utilize the supports and services available to them to achieve their own goals. We have developed a company culture that is driven by a servant heart with the understanding we are public servants and must be a servant in all of our programming.

CW Solutions began as a small training and consulting firm providing a variety of services including W-2 (Wisconsin Works/TANF) and FSET training, Income Maintenance training, quality control audits and subcontracted services to operate the W-2 and FSET program. CW Solutions started with just two team members and have grown to a team of 35 (30 full-time and 5 part-time team members) to fulfull our mission. 

That expansion began in 2014 when CW Solutions shifted from a consulting company to a full service provider. CW Solutions joined long-time partner Wood County Human Services Department to submit a proposal to operate the new NorthCentral FSET region. The FoodShare Employment & Training program is a free program designed to help FoodShare recipients age 16 and older find and keep employment. DHS awarded Wood County/CW Solutions the contract and we began service operation on April 1, 2015. As Wood County's partner, CW Solutions manages the program and works in partnership with Wood County to provide services in the nine-county region.

Since 2015, we have grown expotentially to meet the needs of the communites we serve. In addition to our partnership with Wood County Human Services Department, we also partner with Wood County Child Support, Portage County, Oneida County and Adams County to provide additional programming. In 2021, we became a direct contractor with the Departement of Children and Families to operate the PATHS program. We are honored to be partners with so many public sector organziations and to be genuine servants to our customers and our communities. 

To learn more about the programs we operate, please go to our Programs page.